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Stand out in a sea of sameness & attract your dream clients with authentic brand & web design.

“These are AMAZING!! You are killer at your work Moe! Seriously! I think it’s perfect. Nothing else needed.”

– Laura Harris, Greens Gone Wild

“These are AMAZING!! You are killer at your work Moe! Seriously! I think it’s perfect. Nothing else needed.”

— Laura Harris, Greens Gone Wild


7 6 5 4 3 2 1

7 Seconds.

That’s the average time it’ll take your potential


to decide whether your website has what they’re looking for

In those 7 seconds, you need to welcome them with a great first impression, show them they’ve come to the right place, then make sure they don’t click away.

It’s a big job, but you don’t have to do it alone.



Oh hey! I’m Moe

Mind Reader, Graphic Designer, Occasional Human

I help small business owners with branding, web design, and marketing that reflects the heart, soul, and personality behind the business.

I started Heart Chakra Design to help you follow your passion, launch your business, and create the profitable holistic empire of your dreams.

You know your business better than anyone else. So my mission is to listen, learn, then bring your vision to life – so you can get on with the stuff that makes your soul shine.

I’ve heard enough:



You’re here because you know it needs to be awesome, but what about all of the DIY tools out there?


But, is design the BEST use of your time?

As we know, there are so many hats to wear as an entrepreneur. If you’ve started designing items for your kick-ass business, I’m sure hitting the snags below brought you here in the first place:



Chanting to the website gods while tinkering with WordPress settings only to find out it doesn’t work on mobile


Figuring out WHY your logo still has a white background


Finding out too late that you can’t trademark your Canva designs


Paying big bucks to clunky booking apps before you’ve even taken a booking


Ordering hundreds of merchandise items to only find out the color and size is all wrong


No matter how much you resize it your product STILL looks blurry

The great news?

There’s a better way!


Here’s the thing: investing in design is an act of SELF-CARE

*finds fuzzy slippers*

You’ve spent thousands on training and insurance, certifications, that incredible retreat where you had that life-changing experience you’re still raving about (we’ve all got one).

In short? You’ve got the goods to back up your People-Pleasing/Owner/CEO/Queen of Everything title.

Now? Let’s set you up for success with custom branding and a website that establishes you as THE go-to, and effortlessly converts casual browsers into booked clients.

You’re worth it. And so are your clients.

So, How does it all work, anyway?

By investing in professional design, you’ll be working with someone who takes the time to understand YOU. Your business, your clients, your goals, your why. Who takes all those elements, and packages them in a way that truly represents you.


I am here to make the step-by-step process to creating your visual brand a breath of fresh air! Download the pricing guide for more details and expectations for packages, or send an email for a custom proposal HERE.