Pet Portraits

🎨 Elevate Your Beloved Pet’s Essence with Handcrafted Pencil Portraits! 🐾

Are you in search of a truly exceptional way to honor your furry companion, the steadfast presence in your life? Look no further! Welcome to my world of exquisite Handcrafted Pencil Pet Portraits, where I transform your cherished pet into a timeless piece of art.


Pet Portrait Image
Pet Portrait Image

Photo Choices

The best portraits start with a seated pose.

Choosing a seated pose not only highlights your pet’s personality but also allows for a well-balanced composition, with their form elegantly framed within the artwork, making it a timeless masterpiece that you’ll treasure for years to come.

It can also be helpful to upload a couple photos if the lighting takes away from some of the details.

Why Opt for My Pet Portraits?

✨ Unparalleled Artistry: I handcraft each portrait with immense care and devotion. I capture every intricate nuance, from the spark in their eyes to the texture of their fur.

✨ Everlasting Memories: Photographs may fade, but hand-drawn portraits are eternal. My timeless creations become cherished family treasures, evoking warm memories for generations.

✨ Perfect for Every Occasion: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply because you cherish your pet, my pencil pet portraits make heartwarming gifts that resonate deeply.

The Process


Submit Your Photo:

Share your favorite snapshot of your pet, and I will pour my heart and soul into creating a masterpiece.


Pay the Invoice:

Within 48 hrs after receiving your inquiry and photos, I’ll send an invoice. Once paid consider your portrait started.


Standard Size:

Your portrait will fit perfectly in an 8 x 10 mat and frame that you can find at any craft store. Your portrait will be shipped with the drawing only.


Delivered to Your Door:

 I’ll carefully package and mail your masterpiece to your doorstep. Expect the drawing to be shipped out approximately a week after paying the invoice.

What Previous Clients Have to Say


“You captured her personality perfectly”

-Michelle M.


“I was astounded by the attention to detail in my dog’s portrait. It’s like he’s right here with me!”

-Sarah H.


“The ultimate gift for my wife’s birthday. She teared up with joy when she saw our cat’s portrait. Thank you!”

-Mark T.

Ready to Sign Up?

Fill out the form below. Include upto 3 photos of your pet and any questions you may have.

I will send an invoice via email and get started once the invoice has been paid.

Standard graphite 8″x10″ single pet portrait is $75.

I can’t wait to draw your beloved pet!