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Zen Squirrel

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Zen Squirrel is a company devoted to improving clients’ personal yoga alignment, wellness, and lifestyle

The Goal

Create a sustainable company doing what they love and loving what they do. Beth has spent years teaching yoga, continuing her own yoga training, and thriving on an ayurvedic diet. Ryke wants to share his knowledge and experiences of traveling the world, diving into different spices, and creating a lifestyle rich in other cultures beyond their own. Together they took the step of putting their house on the market and buying a house in an entrepreneurial community steeped in culture. They love the community but needed to combine all of their ideas into one company, and Zen Squirrel was born.

The Brand

Adaptable Wellness, Balance, Alignment, and Routine

Beth had a strong presence on social media and with their travels to India, Vietnam, and Nepal (just to name a few) their identity was easy to see. Their main idea for the logo was to include a squirrel. From there we developed a mood board or “Pinterest Scavenger Hunt” to develop a further idea of illustrations, fonts, colors, and textures in their brand. Finally, we put together a style guide and defined all of their ideas under one brand umbrella. This brand is carried out through business cards, t-shirts, the website, and social media.

“I am a yoga teacher who spent several years of time & effort working in other people’s businesses as my side hustle. When my family decided to uproot our lives for a home and business space, we had no clue how to develop & integrate our logo, website and marketing. Moe was vital in refining and communicating our vision. Upon launch of the website, I immediately started booking private clients.”


Brand Design

“The squirrel is perfect! It looks relaxed but still working to balance. “

Product Design

Web Design