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Full Throttle Fitness Factory

Re-Brand, Update Logo, Web, & Print Design

FTFF or Full Throttle Fitness Factory is an inclusive gym focusing on in person group fitness classes with an upbeat community

The Goal

Update the current brand, website, and print materials to better reflect this fitness center and the 10 years FTFF has been creating community.

Increase the number of new members signing up

Implement a new signup system that is easy to use for both the owner and clients.

Create a website that is easily maintained and updated by the less-than-tech-savvy owner.

The Brand

Peace Love & Fitness

Empowering your journey through fitness with the FTFF community.

The owner, Lisa Houck, has an infectious personality that has kept the fitness center going for 10 years. We wanted to upgrade the brand and not completely ignore the elements that are working for this business.

The walls of the fitness center lead the way for the brand colors. They were consistent with the upbeat personality of the studio owner.

The new logo is a nod to the old with the italic font but modernized with a sublogo option and different layout possibilities.

My classes are filling up and we are seeing new people every day. Everyone is loving how easy it is to sign up for classes. It all looks amazing.“


Brand Design

FTFF wanted to keep the same basic ideas but with updates. Keeping the push and pull of the slanted Full Throttle, we balanced the weight and size of each line. The business is referred to more often as FTFF. Adding the sub logo was an important addition to the re-brand to be used in a multitude of mediums. 



Web Design

FTFF had an outdated website site that had limitations on in-house updates. Lisa needed to be able to make weekly updates to schedules, instructors, and classes. With the new website, clients are now able to book classes themselves, make payments, and subscribe to a monthly unlimited class option.   

Individual web pages highlight the instructors, class descriptions, and ability for clients to sign up online.   

Print Design

Keeping the brand consistent through the printed calendar, signage, and T-Shirts!